NEW for 2009 CD !!  "Devil Keep Chewin' "
They've done it again! The best Bluebone CD yet !  

Jay Bethel of Bluebone:   " Even though we've been performing that way for 3 or 4 years,  This is the first cd made in our current configuration of a trio.  My partner Van and I wanted to keep it simple- not adding a ton of extra stuff, so that we could enjoy performing these songs live. "

"We work with several drummers, so we decided to include that aspect of the band as well, using three different drummers on the cd. We had TJ Jefferson on the majority of tracks, with Ed Zatzariny on three and Pat Martucci on two of the slammin' shuffles. It worked out much better than we had expected."

"Van did a lot of writing on this one, both by himself and with me, and we came up with a lot of really nice stuff".

Van Burriss of Bluebone:  "A lot of this CD was written in Jay's living room, where we'd get together and record simple demos of these songs on a small digital recorder.  When we got into the studio, we knew the direction we wanted to go, and had the arrangements pretty much worked out.

Each of the drummers really added their personality to their tracks.  Bob Kimmel did a fantastic job with the recording and mixing--the whole thing's clear and tight.  George Mesterhazy came in and just nailed the honky-tonk and country piano on his tunes.  What's interesting is, after all that, most of the finished songs stayed pretty close to those early "sketches".

One other thing I like about this CD--and this band--is that even though we're playing some hard-luck blues tunes, there's some funny stuff kind of lurking around in there."

The band calls this cd a compilation of thoughts on the struggles of life: the good, the bad, the temptation, and triumph. And of course, the humor.

Bluebone is Back with their best CD EVER!!!! "

CD artwork and design by Dan McPheeters
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