Recorded over Labor Day
Weekend, 2001

Experience the power and intensity of
Bluebone LIVE!
Recorded live at Mayer's Tavern and Cabanas- Cape May, NJ

Live sound and digital recording engineer: Vahan Berbarian

Mixed and mastered at Backroom Studios by Andy Amorello

Package and artwork design by Dan McPheeters

Printed at DiscMakers

Copyright Bluebone 2002 All rights reserved
Track List

1.  ABC's   (unreleased Bluebone)
2. Clown For You (unreleased Bluebone)
3. Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
4. Hey Baby (Bluebone- new version)
5. Bad Is Bad (Huey Lewis)
6. Every Day You'll Remember (unreleased Bluebone)
7. La Grange (ZZ Top)
8. Cookin' In The Kitchen (unreleased Bluebone)
9. Don't Talk To Me (Steve Forbert)
10. Bad Dog (Bluebone- new version)
11. Christine (unreleased Bluebone)
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