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"Saturday at the Pickled Herring in North East I saw Bluebone from Jersey for the first time. An outstanding trio with rock solid rhythm section and very enjoyable guitar licks from band founder Jay Bethel."

...Crawlin' Kingsnake
  Baltimore Blues Society

(Devil Keep Chewin') "The guitar work is amazing, and the rhythm - with PAT leading the way on this one - is scorching. You'll be pressed to believe you were only listening to three pieces.
BLUEBONE is a power trio and that means constant serious rhythm, hot guitar licks and good vocals.
...Peter Lauro,

"What a mix, what a sound, and what soul!
...Marianne & Tony

"BLUEBONE is Cape May's own, and finest"
...Cape May Star and Wave

"This is a superb blues disc, tight, well recorded and, simply, a lot of fun.
If you're a blues fan, you'll love this. If you're not a blues fan, you will be..."

"An artful and inspired blues rock band". Saskatoon, SK, Canada

"You guys are like the AC/DC of the blues."
...mildly inebriated fan, Long Branch, NJ

"2005 - Best Local Band, hands-down."
... Exit Zero Magazine

"Bluebone's RADIO.... # 9, Top 100 Albums of 2005"
...Upstage Magazine Readers Poll

" Radio is like a fine wine, the more it gets in you, the better it tastes"
Paul Bondarovski, Midnight Special Blues Radio

"Radio is a wonderfully clever song..... I dare you to try and stand still... The guitar playing on 'Wandering Woman really blew me a way....blistering blues licks............quite an enjoyable listening experience."
Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro

After August 2002 release of  "We The People"

"Bluebone's Live @ Cape May is just one more proof that, in the Contemporary Blues, the real events are more and more often signed by so-called unsigned artists. Excellent live work only comparable to the Stones' Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out. Released by the artists themselves, this CD has everything to stay for years in the Top 10 of the live Blues albums."
Paul Bondarovski, Midnight Special Blues Radio

"New Jersey's Premier Live Blues Quartet" Gail Worley, Rock Critic at Large

"The guys in Bluebone play electric blues with a rollicking style that guarantees an evening's enjoyment. Though recorded live the sound quality, like the talent, is high, giving fans a lasting snapshot of what it is like to spend time with one of southern New Jersey's premier blues groups." Steven Cronin, At The Shore Magazine

"We The People is a single that makes me long for 45 RPM records. I wanna be able to throw it on the record player and just let it keep repeating, over and over again until I wear the wax off.It's true AMERICANA, our second national anthem! The best part of America, We The People." The Commander, Cadillac Blues, 91.3 WLVR Bethlehem"

"If you're jonesin' for their next visit to your town, LIVE @ CAPE MAY will help the pangs of withdrawl, though you'll have to play it twice to come anywhere near the marathon sets of their gigs. If you are one of the uninformed, (never heard Bluebone live) get this CD, and you'll soon be planning a road trip to catch a gig." The Commander, Cadillac Blues, 91.3 WLVR Bethlehem

"The twin guitars of Dan McPheeters and Jay Bethel are awesomely attuned., and their melodious singing is dead on too. To borrow a term from gymnastics, these guys "stick every landing".. These are four mature, seasoned musicians... the seasoning makes for a mighty fine and energetic brew. Short version? Buy the CD and party on! Judy Goudeau, Oklahoma Blues Society

"It's such a pleasure to be able to go out and see great music done by seasoned musicians. As a guitarist I sat there in awe of the licks you two played. I plan on listening to your CD all day today!  Bob T., Phil., PA

"Bluebone's twin guitar attack is reminiscent of the Allman Brothers; belying it's Jersey roots, this versatile band employs Southern-fried blues and light R&B to showcase it's guitar pyrotechnics." AOL Digitalcity

"Search for somebody that will satisfied your need for goooooooood guitar hard blues? Take 'Bluebone' and let your Sceleton become blue and happy"  VFM Blues on VFM Radio, Vinkovci/Croatia.  Host:Krunoslav Markutovik

"It was great to hear Bluebone again at the Bayou Blues in Baltimore on Saturday night. They have a sound like no other band, thoroughly entertaining  from start to finish.They actually have two lead guitarists. They don't just play together- they converse with one another! And they have plenty to say!  In fact, seeing Bluebone is like having a conversation with an old friend you haven't seen in a long time. I can't wait to catch up with them again soon. Bluebone rules."
Steve K., Baltimore, MD

" The writing and musicianship of this album is second to none...the talent on this CD's super.. I'm struck by the sophistication of the music, the truly syncopated rhythms and the musical innovations this band treats the listener to."
Pat Bell,-Oklahoma Blues Society

"WOW!...Solid, emotionally charged, rockin' Blues, served up nice and extraordinary debut!"
John Muller- Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation

" Their independent release...stands up pretty well against other commercial releases in their genre, including such greats as B.B. King and the Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band".
Joseph Checchia- TICKET

"  Well-produced and arranged with fine playing on an even mix of slow blues, rockers, and hoppin' shuffles".
Blues Access Magazine

"...This is an outstanding album....Great stuff here"
Al Thompson- WRDV FM

"We're playing your CD around the office and really enjoying it."
New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles

"Saw your group at the Old Swedes Inn & Cafe. Great group, wonderful sound."  Sue R.- Cherry Hill, NJ

"The self-titled CD by BLUEBONE cooks! The 12 originals and one cover will definitely have your foot tappin' and your body swayin'. The collective talent of the four band members is truly present and accounted for. Thirty years of live performances is the evidence for the obvious fact, THEY AIN'T JUST A BAR BAND! See them "live" to experience the full essence of their music, but, until you get that chance, the CD will get you through."
The Commander; Cadillac Blues with the Commander 91.3 FM WLVR Bethlehem

"...the latest and greatest in the world of roots music, the self titled disc from BLUEBONE is cut from tavern-shaking cloth. Bluebone's originals draw on a wide variety of stylistic range from the light SRV-isms of "Faster Than You Know" to the ballad "When Blue Was Just a Color"...Shuffles abound, usually with a lazy, Jimmy Reed feeling. The funky closer "Big Love" works well.
Tom Hyslop- Blues Revue Magazine

"The group Bluebone has released it's own collection of roaring, rocking performances... the disc is a quality collection of blues tunes. And if the Bluebone members don't leave you crying in your beer, they'll certainly set you to moving on the dance floor at any one of their appearances at local bars and nightclubs.
The guitar work by Jay Bethel and Dan McPheeters is sharp, and the two recieve great backup by bassist Steve Smith and drummer Andy Vernon....if you want to hear a band doing a good job playing straightforward blues, Bluebone is worth a listen." Steve Cronin, At The Shore, Press of Atlantic City

"I bought a CD at the Cabanas gig in Cape May last friday.I'm enjoying it mucho! It was a great show...but toxic...led me to four cosmopolitans; first drinking binge in two years.Ugh! Ha! I wanted to write to comment on the show and CD: EXCELLENT!"
Heather T.

"I have had your CD Bluebone for about three weeks now, I can't listen to it enough, it really cooks, I've been a bass player for 35 plus years,and this CD does it justice. Boogie on Dudes."

"I LIKE this CD! It's got a rich, complete sound reminiscent of Boz Scaggs at his bluesy best."- Debbie Calton-WMGK Radio

"Don't miss these guys... the talent is unbelievable"- Phil Pizzi, MUSIC PLUS

"Move over Stevie Ray wannabes...these guys are for real!"- Jack Ketchum,COVER

"Who would have thought that I'd come to New Jersey and find one of the best rockin' blues bar bands I''ve ever heard...Maybe even the best rockin' blues bar band I've ever heard"! -Delta Dan Rivers, Midnight Blues Review

"You guys are SLAMMIN! This is FUN blues!"- Jack T. Passaic, NJ

"Well, I finally got to sit down and REALLY listen to the CD...The sound is definitely authentic blues. You can tell that you all really get what blues is about... The grooves and performances are right on the money... Great songwriting, too. This recording will serve you well." Dave Weber, musician

"The KINGS of house rockin' blues"- Marc Beltz, Cabanas

"Your CD sounds great, but the energy you create playing live is incredible!"- Antonio H. NY,NY

"I could listen to this kind of music every night. You have got the kind of beat that goes right to the gut." Judy O., Medford Lakes, NJ

"Bluebone is quite simply the best at what they do...They blow you away with their unique take on the blues. Keeping the blues fresh and interesting isn't easy...Bluebone can do it!" Dallas Mayer, former music critic for CREAM

"You guys are a guitar lover's wet dream" Robert K., Media, PA

"I saw you live last week and I was amazed how much better you are in person. Your CD is good, but HOLY CRAP! the double guitar work you guys do you can't find anywhere else. There's definitely an Allman Brothers influence in there somewhere"
Al T. Northfield, NJ

"You guys are really good".
Terry O., Cape May, NJ