Jay Bethel
Single, Acoustic Performances
Jay Bethel unplugged...

With just an acoustic guitar Jay performs a repetoire of his own songs, Bluebone songs, and a collection of cover songs that he really enjoys. 

A BLUES MAN by passion, Jay always quotes ""A famous jazz musician" who said, "Man cannot live by blues alone".  He loves to mix in folk, country, and other stuff...you never know.

"You have an amazing voice."
Enzo C, New Brunswick, NJ

"Jay has a deceptive way of quietly seeping into your awareness until you are completely engrossed in his music. He'll give you a fun night out."  
Kate T, Cape May, NJ

"This is an easygoing rock, blues, folk, country, pop excursion, where we felt like Jay was at our home, enjoying an evening of music and conversation."
Alicia Altonara - AOL Digital City 

"Great guitar playing, yes, but Jay's voice is 
one that will haunt you...it is flawed, yet sweet, rough yet tender. A must see."
Charlotte V- Philadelphia, PA

"What a pleasant surprise! He takes cover songs and makes them his own with a very pleasant, interesting voice, and great guitar style."
Ed R- Phillipsburg, NJ

"I wish I could play guitar like this guy... so natural and sounds like there are more of him. He plays a wide variety with a very enjoyable flair, but the blues....great blues, great blues!"
Jimmy J.- Exton, PA

Jay Bethel
Acoustic Dates 
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This page was last updated on: May 16, 2019
Jay Bethel is available for commercial and private functions! 
Email: jaybethel@comcast.net
Phone:  609.827.3836


1/19 Sat Cape May Winery 2-5

2/15 Fri Cape May Winery 5-8

2/16 Sat Cape May Winery 2-5

3/9 & 3/10  SAT & SUN Cape May Winery 12-4 "FUTURES"

3/16  SAT 2-5 Cape May Winery

4/20 Sat 2-5 Cape May Winery

4/27 & 4/28 12-4 Cape May Winery"FUTURES"

5/4 & 5/5 12-4 Cape May Winery"FUTURES"

5/29 WED Cape May Winery "Blessing of the Vines" Time TBD

Sunday6/16 Cape May Winery 2-5

Wednesday6/26 6-9 Cape May Winery GRI

Sunday6/30 2-5 Cape May Winery

Wednesday7/10 6-9 Cape May Winery GRILLE NIGHT

7/20 SAT Festival Cape May TBD

Wednesday7/24 6-9 Cape May Winery GRILLE NIGHT

Wednesday8/7 6-9 Cape May Winery GRILLE NIGHT

Wednesday8/21 6-9 Cape May Winery GRILLE NIGHT

Sunday8/25 2-5 Cape May Winery

Sunday 9/1 2-5 Cape May Winery

Wednesday9/4 6-9  Cape May Winery GRILLE NIGHT

Sunday9/8 2-5 Cape May Winery

Wednesday9/18 6-9 Cape May Winery GRILLE NIGHT

Sunday9/22 2-5 Cape May Winery

Saturday 11/16 2-5 Cape May Winery

Saturday 12/21 2-5 Cape May Winery