Dan McPheeters- Guitar and Vocals

One of the founders of Bluebone, has traveled the world in various bands, including a ship's band during a three year stint in the Navy. His strong vocals and searing guitar work were fan favorites. 
Dan contributed clever lyrics and "In-your-face" guitar licks to Bluebone's original songs, and he always incited a good deal of mischief  and fun on stage.
Dan can be heard on the Bluebone, Live @ Cape May, We The People, and Radio cds.
Jay Bethel- Guitar and Vocals

A BLUEBONE founder, Jay has played a variety of instruments in a wide variety of bands, including rock, country, blues, lounge acts, and he even played guitar for an Elvis impersonator. 

Heavily influenced by Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, BB, Freddie, and Albert King , his guitar weeps and hollers throughout Bluebone's music. Jay's vocals are warm and soulful, while his guitar playing is inventive and emotion-packed.

A prolific songwriter, Jay has won songwriting awards from both Billboard and ASCAP. He performs these songs in Bluebone as well as in other projects with different musicians. 

Jay has performed on all of the Bluebone cds.
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Van Burriss - Bass and Vocals 

Playing a Fender bass he has owned since 1977, and a pair of new DiPinto basses, Van gets a fat, round sound that suits his straightforward style. Since his first paid gig at age 16, he's played a wide range of bands, styles, and venues including several Cape May Jazz Festivals and, most recently, the big show band, "Close Friends of the Victim".

A truly classic bass player, Van's style is full of tone, expansiveness, and  the kind of drive that makes you shake your hips. Van is the motor that makes Bluebone GO!

Van's vocals, both lead and harmony, are a smooth complement to Jay's singing. Van can be heard on tracks from the RADIO cd. Van plays ALL bass tracks on  DEVIL KEEP CHEWIN', as well as adding vocals and sharing the writing dutes as well.

Frank Araneo- Drums

Frank has played with innumerable hot acts, in innumerable hot spots, including a tour of the US and Japan with "The Lost". He is also a highly sought -after drum teacher. Frank's energy and power add a ton to the grooves on the RADIO cd.

TeeJay- Drums

Thomas Jefferson has performed with numerous premier acts in the Philadelphia area. He brings a strong sense of swing to the blues, and a little taste of funk that everyone loves. His solos and personality light up Bluebone shows.
TeeJay is a wonderful drummer, and performs the majority of the drum tracks on DEVIL KEEP CHEWIN'.

Steve Smith- Bass

A BLUEBONE  Founder, Steve Smith was a huge part of the original BLUEBONE sound with his fretless bass. Steve has performed in many different acts and styles of music, including zydeco and a tour with Danny & the Juniors. Steve is currently performing regularly with Wire & Wood.
Steve can be heard on the Bluebone, Live @ Cape May, We The People, and Radio cds.

Pat Martucci- Drums

Pat Martucci is a powerhouse of a drummer, famous for his blues shuffle. Founder of the popular north Jersey band, Goldenseal, Pat brings power and swing to the band. Pat still fills in sometimes when TeeJay, Ed, and John all have other engagements. Pat performs two tracks (including the title track) on DEVIL KEEP CHEWIN'.

Andy Vernon- Drums

A BLUEBONE founder, Andy Vernon has a tremendous sense of time and the perfect placement of accents.  Andy has performed all over, with the Manatees, RD-1, and has even performed in Albert Collins' backup band.
Andy can be heard on Bluebone, Live @ Cape May, and We The People cds. Andy is the drummer who set the bar (very high) for Bluebone drummers, and still performs with the band occasionally on percussion.

The late John DiGiovanni- Drums

A much sought after teacher, performer, studio engineer, and all around great guy, John performed with a number of big acts from Maryland to New York. John was a master of many styles of music, and brought a classic fire to Bluebone as a substitute drummer.

We miss John's great playing and wit.
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Eddie Z- Drums

Ed Zatzariny is an excellent drummer, percussionist, and music teacher, and Bluebone's "go-to" guy when TJ can't make a gig. He plays a number of instruments including doing his steel drum shows. Ed has a great feel for Bluebone music and has developed some great grooves with Van. Ed  performs three tracks on DEVIL KEEP CHEWIN'.

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